Josie and Lara from Germany (medical students):

We traveled to Zanzibar and lived in a host family together were everyone treated us like a part of the family straight from the beginning.

We worked at the local hospital “Mnazi Mmoja Hospital Zanzibar”, the state hospital of the island. We were first placed in the oncology department and afterwards in pediatrics. All doctors, nurses and other staff treated us in a very friendly and open way. For us it was particularly exciting to make out the differences to the German health system. Often, less or very simple means are available compared to the ones we know from home, e.g. there were no tourniquets available for blood sampeling. Instead, the doctors used the rubber band from their rubber gloves.

At the end of our internship, we donated our gloves, disinfectants and work clothes tot he hospital, which they were very happy about.

We stayed in Stone Town for 5 weeks, the historic center of Zanzibar Town – the perfect base to go on excursions all over the island. World Unite! was very helpful and always assisted us with the arrangements of our trips and excursions. We can recommend the Safari Blue, the Spice Tour and a paddle tour. We also loved strolling along the beach and to explore the many narrow streets and small shops in Stone Town.

In the weekly meetings with our local coordinators we were able to discuss anything we needed assistance with and were always helped immediately. Also, the meetings allowed us to meet other World Unite! participants who worked in other projects in Zanzibar Town.

Our host family also helped us to get to know the culture, country, people and culinary delights. We were very grateful for that! A change for us was that in Zanzibar many things sometimes take a little longer than we are used to from home. Hustle and bustle does not seem to be common here. Always pole pole!

On of the best parts of our trip was a two day safari in Tanzania.

One can hardly put this journey into words and we highly recommend making this experience yourself!

Many thanks to the team of World Unite! It was an unforgettable time!

Best regards,

Josie and Lara


Josie and Lara arranged their medical elective through World Unite!, a specialist provider for medical electives and internships in nursing, therapies and midwifery in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Click here to read more about Josie’s and Lara’s placement and learn how to apply for your own elective in Zanzibar.