The website is a service provided by World Unite! Japan KK.

World Unite! Japan KK is a company based in Tokyo/Japan specializing in international educational programs.

The aim of is to provide healthcare students with a wide range of valuable information on the subject of electives and other healthcare internships abroad and to initiate contact between providers of such placements and international healthcare students.

The editorial team of World Unite! Japan KK includes:

Christian Engler 

 Sabrina Aderkast

Christian Engler has been organizing educational programs abroad since 2005 and has placed thousands of healthcare students at international hospitals, both individuals and groups from colleges and universities.

Sabrina Aderkast is a graphic designer and web content manager.

In addition to operating various information portals such as, World Unite Japan KK has also been active as an inbound provider and agent of educational programs abroad in a wide range of sectors, not only in Japan, but through international partnerships also in 15 other countries, since 2005.