Most healthcare professionals are required by law to be covered by an indemnity insurance. This insurance is in place to protect healthcare professionals such as medical doctors, nurses and midwives from claims of negligence, malpractice or mistakes. Indemnity cover is equally important during clinical placements or voluntary work as it is for practicing healthcare professionals.

With an indemnity insurance in place you are protected from personally having to pay compensation to a patient or client who has been harmed due to an accident or mistake that you have been involved with in your treatment of the patient/client. 

How to get it

Some universities cover you during your studies so it is worth checking with them if this is the case for you. If your university doesn’t cover you, there may be local organisations who offer free or discounted coverage for members.

If you are studying in the UK, the Royal College of Nursing Scheme covers student members undertaking electives abroad.

Alternatively, you can find several private indemnity insurance companies online: