Are you a healthcare provider offering internships to international students at your facilities, or an internship service provider wanting to advertise your placements on this website? Are you a medical education provider looking for international students?

Partner with us by listing your programs on and receive leads from individuals interested in doing their healthcare placement with you!

The first year is completely free! You won’t pay any listing fee and nothing per lead generated. After one year, if you are happy with the leads generated and decide to continue, an affordable annual listing fee applies and small amount per lead generated applies!

To ensure only quality programs are offered through this website, we would perform a phone interview with you and a background check, and reserve the right to refuse providers and listings, should we consider the quality insufficient.

Also multiple entries of the same healthcare facilities are not possible.

If you are offering any other services or products of interest to international healthcare students and you have ideas about advertising opportunities on this platform, kindly contact us and we are happy to discuss possibilities!

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