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Find your healthcare placement abroad

Country profiles

We have compiled for you the most extensive information on the internet about the medical system of many countries where you can do your healthcare placement. Understand and compare medical standards around the world and be prepared for your healthcare placement abroad.


Tanzania is a country in East Africa bordered by Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique. 

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South Africa

South Africa is on the southern tip of Africa, bordered by Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Leshoto, Eswatini, the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.

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India is a country in South Asia, bordered by Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, The Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean.

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Why do your elective abroad?

An elective abroad can be a required or optional part of various healthcare professions’ formal training, depending on your field of study and university.

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Most popular elective placements

Mnazi Mmoja in Zanzibar, Tanzania

The state hospital Mnazi Mmoja and the associated Mwembeladu Maternity Hospital of Zanzibar and the Makunduchi Land Hospital in southeastern Zanzibar offer students, trainees , internships, internships in occupational therapy, physiotherapy and obstetrics...

Hospital internships and electives at Bugando Medical Centre in Mwanza, Tanzania

Bugando Medical Centre (BMC) is the tertiary referral hospital of the Lake Victoria Zone and Western regions, serving a population of around 13 million people.

Hospital internships and electives at Pasua Health Centre in Moshi, Tanzania

Pasua Health Centre is a public hospital located in the Pasua Area of Moshi Town. It typically serves Moshi residents of underprivileged social class, many of whom live close to the poverty line.

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Internship Reports

Read interesting reports of students who have done their healthcare placement abroad

Medical Elective at Pasua Health Care Center in Moshi/Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Sarah from Canada (medical student): I had an amazing time in Moshi, Tanzania doing a medical elective at the Pasua
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Nursing Internship at the Arco Iris Hospital in La Paz, Bolivia
Jil from Germany (Pre-Medical Student): My time in La Paz is now coming to an end, and it’s unbelievable how
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Volunteering as a Nurse at the Mawenzi Hospital in Moshi, Tanzania
Rosemarie from Germany, Nurse & Medical Student: Why Moshi and Tanzania? I’ve been wanting to volunteer in Tanzania for a
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