At Marangu district hospital you can do your healthcare elective or internship while surrounded by tropical rainforest at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. If you are a student of medicine, nursing or obstetrics you can gain valuable work experience while supporting a local hospital serving a rural population of around 300,000 people.

Hospital profile

At a glance

Departments available for internships:

The hospital has an outpatient department, general and internal medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, general abdominal surgery, and dental medicine. Twice per week CTC (Care & Treatment for HIV-positive patients), and once per week reproductive health counselling, are offered. Furthermore there is an outreach program for palliative care.

City: Marangu
General practitioners: 8
Specialist physicians:
Assistant physicians:
Nurses: 16
Other especialists: 2
Annual outpatients 36,500
Total of beds: 55

Hospital Description

Marangu Hospital is a district hospital, located in the the dense tropical rainforest, which is spreading across the hills of the extensive village of Marangu on the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, around 40 km/25 miles outside of Moshi Town at an altitude of around 1300 m/4300 ft above sea level. It is owned and managed by the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Tanzania, serving a rural population of around 300,000 people from Marangu and the neighbouring districts.


Internship profile

Typical day and tasks of an intern

Students of medicine, nursing and obstetrics can do an elective placement or internship. You can either be at just one department or rotate through multiple departments. You will observe and support the staff on your ward in their daily work. After a period of familiarisation and orientation, you may depending on previous knowledge also perform minor treatments and activities under the supervision of the attending physicians, nurses and therapists, e.g. administration of drugs, wound care, taking vital signs, and providing vaccinations. You will be assigned a supervisor from your area of ​​specialisation who will decide which examinations and treatments you are allowed to perform under his or her supervision. The shifts are usually from Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm. If you wish, you can also be at the hospital on the weekends or for night shifts.

Interns should bring their own work clothes (white, green or blue medical coat and closed shoes in any colour). It is also advisable to bring one's own hand sanitiser and stethoscope. If planning to work in the surgery room, please also bring green or blue scrubs, a surgical mask and surgical cap.

Supervisors available


Minimum age:

Maximum age:

Minimum qualification of the intern:

Student of relevant field.

Application process

Documents required:

Application instructions:


  • 2 weeks USD
  • 4 weeks USD
  • 8 weeks USD
  • 3 months USD
  • 6 months USD
  • 1 year USD

This include:

- Monthly hospital contribution of 150 USD,
- Accommodation,
- World Unite! Service Package, which includes:
- Arrangement of your Internship,
- Individual Consultation and Preparation prior to your arrival,
- Access to the World Unite! Online Resource Centre which has Preparation Materials including Intercultural Preparation, compiled particularly for your destination (PDFs, Videos),
- Preparation Session via Skype, together with other participants,
- Arrangements for your Residence Permit or similar permit and other official permits (if required), but not the official government fees for it/them,
- Pick-up and Transfers from/to Kilimanjaro International Airport on arrival and departure,
- Personal support staff at your location and at our international office,
- Orientation and introduction,
- Accompanying you to your placement on your first day of internship,
- 24 Hours emergency support by local support team,
- Local SIM Card with 10,000 TSH airtime credit,
- Issuance of Confirmations/Certificates for your university, scholarship, insurance, etc. and filling out/signing Internship Contracts for your university,
- Costs for 10 seedlings of indigenous trees that we plant on the slopes of Kilimanjaro,
- 15% Discount for Safaris, Kilimanjaro Climbs, Excursions and Watersports Activities offered by "Budget Safari Tanzania".

This do not include:

- Meals,
- Travel to/from Tanzania (you can book it on your own or we can assist you),
- Official fees for Visa,
- Insurance (Travel Health Insurance, Liability Insurance, Travel Cancellation insurance; you can book it on your own or we can assist you),
- Personal Expenses,
- Vaccinations,
- Local Transport.

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