Publish your internship report on this website!

Did you do a hospital internship abroad and you would like to share your experiences with others? You get paid if we publish your report on this website!


If you send us a quality report about your healthcare internship abroad (any country and type of healthcare internship are ok!), written in English language, that we decide to publish, we would pay you, depending on the length of your report, an amount of 30-50 USD (minimum 4000 characters).

This is how it works:

  1. Please use this form to tell us about your hospital internship: form
  2. Please sign the Terms of Use.
  3. Please email us 3-5 pictures ( showing you in a medical setting, giving us the right of use, as described in the Terms of Use. Please make sure you are not infringing on any other people’s personality rights and that you were allowed to take the pictures in the hospital setting.
    We can blur other people’s faces if they didn’t give you the right to publish the pictures in writing.
  4. Please follow on Instagram and/or Facebook and let us know your usernames of these platforms, so that we can tag you when your report is published (please link to Instagram and Facebook)

Looking forward to having your report on allowing
other healthcare students to make informed decisions!