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Hospital profile

Departments available for intership:

surgery, pediatrics.

General practitioners: 8
Specialist physicians: 8
Assistant physicians: 8
Nurses: 8
Other especialists: 8
Annual outpatients
Total of beds:

It's a hospital.


Intership profile

Typical day and tasks of an intern

He works.


Application process

Minimum age, maximum age:



Minimum qualification of the intern:

minimum 10 years of medical studies

Documents required:

ID Card.

Application instructions:

He has to ask.

Costs per week:
  • 2 weeks 200 USD
  • 4 weeks 400 USD
  • 8 weeks 800 USD
Costs per month:
  • 3 months 3000 USD
  • 6 months 6000 USD
Costs per year:
  • 1 year 12000 USD

Intership details

This include:

A horse.

This do not include:

A hippo.

Request more information

I'm interested in a placement at this hospital. Please send me more information